Severe Injuries Deserve Strong Representation
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When You Need Someone To Fight For You

After an injury, it can be difficult to muster the energy and focus to advocate for yourself. In some cases, as with a brain injury, it may be impossible to do so.

As an attorney with over 35 years of Alabama personal injury experience, I understand this, and I care about you and your future. Too often, I’ve seen people get taken by the slick insurance company lawyers. They are told that the amount that is offered is all they will get, and they can “take it or leave it.” This is rarely, if ever, the truth. To find out more about my education and legal background, follow the link below:

As an accomplished trial attorney, I will negotiate to get you the settlement (out of court) you rightfully deserve or the verdict (in court) that’s fair, no matter the case or issue. There is no fee for my service unless I take your case and attain money on your behalf.

The Value Of Trial Experience

The truth is, in over 90% of cases, the insurance company wants to avoid a trial. Why? Because trials require a lot of expensive preparation and human resources. They take time and cost money. Additionally, there is no guarantee as to how the judge or jury will decide, so a trial is a big risk for an insurance company.

A settlement is the most likely outcome when dealing with the insurance company. So, why do you need a trial attorney on your case if it’s probably going to settle?

Because if the insurance company knows that your attorney will take the case to trial if it does not offer what your case is worth, it runs scared. In this instance, it is better for it to negotiate a valid settlement offer for a known sum than to move forward with litigation where, after months of expensive preparation, anything could happen. This is the difference having an experienced trial attorney on your side makes.

You Deserve Aggressive Advocacy

I am a people person. I believe that the people in my community deserve to have top-notch legal representation when they go up against big insurance companies. I started Benton Law LLC so that I could work one-on-one with my clients and pursue the best results possible. Let’s meet and talk about your case and how I can help. Call 251-800-3984 or send me an introductory email so that I can get in touch with you to set up a free consultation. I help clients in Mobile and greater Alabama.