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When Is It Abuse? Looking Into Nursing Home Issues.

If your mom or dad or another family member is not being taken care of in a care unit, memory care or nursing home, it may be time to consult an attorney.

When we find a place to care for our elderly loved ones, we are promised just that: good care. When staff mistreats, abuses, neglects or otherwise fails to provide this care, it’s time to take action. Thomas Benton at Benton Law LLC is the experienced attorney for abuse, neglect and suspicious or wrongful nursing home death matters.

You Can Take Matters Forward

We all want the best for our aging loved ones. Being a caregiver can take a lot of time, money and energy. Because we want to believe that our loved one is safe and happy, we can second guess ourselves, asking are those bruises from falling or something else.

If your loved one is experiencing abuse or neglect or died suspiciously in a nursing home or care facility, it’s time to reach out for help. Attorney Thomas Benton assists family members who know or strongly suspect that their loved one is suffering from:

  • Physical, emotional or sexual abuse
  • Neglect, such as being left alone in a room or bed or being unattended for many hours or days at a time
  • Bedsores, infections
  • Dehydration, malnutrition
  • Being harmed due to being able to wander or elope from the premises unsupervised
  • Overdrugged or medications not being administered as they should

If you suspect something is not right and your loved one shows signs of abuse or neglect, then do not just take the nursing home’s word for what is going on. Let attorney Thomas Benton look into matters. He has extensive experience – over 35 years – with Alabama personal injury law, including cases of wrongful death. 

What Is Nursing Home Abuse?

A nursing home has a responsibility to provide a safe place for residents. The staff and management need to follow proper health and safety policies and provide promised medical care.

  • Abuse happens when the staff mistreats, abuses or neglects a patient.
  • Neglect means that the staff failed to provide required care such as medication, food, water and supervision. Neglect can also mean that the staff left your loved one alone in a bed or room for many hours or days at a time.

Keep a written or photographic record of the changes in your loved one’s health or appearance. Take note of any changes in mood or signs of emotional distress. Report these to upper management, and consult an attorney if you do not receive a response that makes sense or when abuse or neglect is evident.

Protect Mom And Dad With Aggressive Advocacy

Mobile, Alabama, attorney Thomas Benton will hold the nursing home and its staff accountable. He will take the necessary legal action to put an end to the abuse or neglect. He will work to ensure that no one else will have to suffer the same fate. Call 251-800-3984 or send the firm an email with your contact information to get started.